Privacy Policy

TekkiStore collects necessary information from the customers that would help us provide you better customer service. We may ask personal information that could help us identify you as an individual such as name, address, contact information, date of birth, payment details for transactions, and so on.

With Privacy Policy, we assure you that these provided information remain confidential between company and the customer. Privacy Policy is subject for any changes, and TekkiStore can change this policy if it needs updating – updates that are usually essential between the company and the customers. As a customer, you can always check our website for an updated Privacy Policy.

What Information Does TekkiStore Collect?

  • Name. The first data we collect to potentially identify you as a customer.
  • Address. By giving us your physical address, we have an idea where to deliver your purchased item/s.
  • Contact information. TekkiStore may require you to give us your contact information (contact number and email address) to keep you posted about your purchased item/s and the latest news about our products and services.
  • Birthdate. TekkiStore is following strict guidelines when it comes to providing quality services. We may require your birthdate to further verify you as a customer. This ensures that we are only dealing with legitimate customers which also helps us filter out unnecessary online trolls.
  • Payment information. The last essential information that we will collect from you. This will determine how you are going to pay the item/s that you want to buy.
  • Others. We may collect additional information such as surveys to further improve TekkiStore as an online store.

Why Is The Data Collected?

The collected data you provided us is important to track and manage data for transaction and marketing purposes. This would give us an overview about what you are looking for, which ones you purchase, what products you view, and what mode of payment you prefer. This data would often help us provide you, our beloved customers, quality service you deserve.

Data Security

By providing us the data we need, we must assure you that this data is secured to avoid ‘identity theft’ and keep your personal information confidential between you and TekkiStore.

There are different ways to ensure your personal data is secured. Below are ways to guarantee improved data security.

  • Authorized personnel. Only authorized TekkiStore personnel can access the website’s database for managing and securing crucial data.
  • Data encryption. Some data are encrypted to keep potential ‘hackers’ away from stealing important customers’ information.
  • Strong passwords. Websites are prone to possible attacks from other entities which may prompt TekkiStore to frequently change and develop stronger passwords to avoid such online incidents.
  • Backup data. We ensure that we regularly backup important data to retain availability and authenticity of your provided personal information. This is to secure the data due to online attacks and/or data loss due to natural forces.

Cookies and How TekkiStore Uses It

Cookies are identifiers we transfer to your browser to help us analyze what websites you habitually visit, how often you visit a website, and how many people visit a website. Once we collected the data using cookies, TekkiStore can categorize the utility of the websites. This can help us improve our website provide a more detailed information you need as a customer.

The website prompts a message about the use of cookies, and you always have the control whether to accept or decline it. You can also change the preferences on how to use cookies on your browser. However, this may limit you from taking advantage of some of our website’s features.

Cookies and Other Websites

Our website may contain links to third party websites. These are useful, search-related websites that would give you a better browsing experience and are often based on the data we collected with the use of cookies. If you click on a link, please keep in mind that we no longer have control over the website as these websites have their own policies and procedures. As per the last statement, we are not responsible for any information you provide on that website. To avoid unwanted submission of personal information, always have the time to check the website’s Privacy Policy.

Power in Controlling Your Provided Personal Information

As it is required to provide us necessary personal information, you may or may not choose whether you want anybody to use your personal information for direct marketing purposes by ticking or unticking the checkbox that tells you about its usage. You can always contact us through email if you wish to change the said condition.

We assure you that the information you provided us are secured under Data Protection Act 2018. It aims to give you the confidence about how we use your personal information, and in return, this emphasizes our accountability on the information we handle. In addition, it prevents you from using inaccurate information that could mislead us from determining you as a customer. Any customers caught on committing such acts would and should face a corresponding consequence under TekkiStore’s rules and regulations. This is to maintain a healthy relationship with customers.

The information you provided us can be changed if you believe you have given us incorrect ones by mistake. You can send us an email for any change request on your information by providing us correct and up-to-date information needed.