EU Data Protection Policy

TekkiStore is committed to protect any personal data you provide us under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework that sets guidelines on data protection and confidentiality of any information of individuals in European Union and European Economic Area. It also addresses the distribution of personal data outside these areas. GDPR aims primarily to give control to individuals over their personal data.

TekkiStore must abide by the following main principles of the Data Protection Act in accordance with the GDPR which was implemented on 25 May 2018, where personal data must be:

  1. Fairly and lawfully processed. All personal information you provide go through lawful processes while maintaining its transparency.
  2. Processed for specified purposes. This means that TekkiStore shall keep you informed whether your personal information will be used in direct marketing or other legitimate purposes.
  3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive. The data you provide us must only contain what we require you to provide. TekkiStore only ask you what information we need and may revoke any irrelevant information.
  4. Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date. TekkiStore encourages you to provide us only your latest and correct personal information.
  5. Not kept for longer than is necessary. This means that any personal information you provided us shall be safely removed when it has no longer valuable purpose for the business. It is an organizational measure required by the GDPR to protect your rights and privacy as our customer. However, we may store your personal data for longer period for archiving, marketing, or other legitimate purposes.
  6. Processed in line with the rights of the individual. All information you provided us are with your obvious consent. No data shall be collected against your interest as you have the control over the sharing of your personal information.
  7. Kept secure. TekkiStore stores your personal data in a highly-secured System Register where only authorized TekkiStore personnel are allowed to access, control, and manage. Additional security is placed by creating backup solutions and generating strong passwords.
  8. Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area unless there is adequate protection for the information. This means that if you’re personal data are to be used outside EU or EEA, TekkiStore shall provide an appropriate data security to avoid any unauthorized sharing of information.

GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  • The right to be informed. This means that you have the right to be informed about how we collect your personal data and how we use it.
  • The right of access. You have the right to access or view your personal data anytime. This is commonly referred to as ‘subject access.’ You may request to access your personal data through phone calls or emails.
  • The right to rectification. This means that you have the right to correct any inaccurate personal data. In certain circumstances, TekkiStore can refuse a request for rectification. This right is closely linked to the Data Controller’s obligations under the accuracy principle of GDRP Article 5 (1)(d).
  • The right to erasure. This is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. This allows you to have your personal data erased if you wish to. However, this right is not absolute, and only applies in certain circumstances.
  • The right to restrict processing. Under GDRP, you have the right to request the restriction of your personal data. When processing is restricted, TekkiStore is only permitted to store your personal, but not use it.
  • The right to data portability. This right allows you to reuse your personal data for your own purposes across various services. It allows you to easily transfer or copy personal data from one IT environment to another without affecting its usability.
  • The right to object. You have the absolute right to object to the processing of your personal data and stop your data to be used for marketing purposes. This only applies if you have a substantial reason for doing so.
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. TekkiStore can only carry out automated decision-making if the decision is essential for the entry of a contract, authorized by Union or Member state law that is applicable to the controller, or based on your explicit consent.